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Ludic Magica loudspeakercable set length 2,5 mtr

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€ 139,00

Will be shipped donderdag, augustus 6 when ordered within 22 hours and 23 minutes!



Ludic Magica loudspeakercable set

2x 2,5 mtr

The goal was very clear from the beginning. With the Magica series,we wanted to change how much people can expect to get for their money at the lowest possible price. With Magica, we wanted to take it a step further regarding the quality.

We wanted to have a cable series that was going to be focused directly to the High-End audio enthusiasts, and still have a price-point that is far more realistic.

So we took it a bit further regarding materials used in the Hera series and are featuring among others, the purest copper conductors and our low capacity High-Density Triple-Layer Shielding isolation technology.

There has been spent nearly two years of searching for the right cable manufactor and we have ask to designed cables that are truly inspiring regarding finish and sound quality.

If you always dreamt of High End cables between your components, but never wanted to pay the premium price, this is your chance.

Overall we believe we have a better product, but as always with Ludic Audio, don't take our word for it, ultimately we invite you to judge yourself.

Ludic Cables no rediculous prices but affordable high quality products!!

multistrand 99,999% ofc koper
Durablc Gold-Plated Internal Shield
Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold Contacts.
Heavy-Duty Internal Dual Strain Reliet
High-Density Triple-Layer Shielding for Maximum Noise Rejection
Nitrogen(Nz) Gas-Injected Dielectric for Maximum Singal Strength
2Spade with OD.-12.8mm
RoHs Compliant High-end Digital Coaxial Cable with pearl white PVC jacket + Nylon Sleeve Metal housing

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Ludic Magica loudspeakercable set length 2,5 mtr

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