Alfred Visser, New dealer Netherlands

Alfred Visser, New dealer Netherlands

We are pleased to announce Ludic is expanding in The Netherlands, with Alfred Visser Audiospecialist.

Good, better, Best.
Alfred Visser only chooses the latter…
As a true music lover you will be amazed here. In the Frisian village of Buitenpost, located between Groningen and Leeuwarden, there is a unique (High End) Audio store. Music is my passion and you will soon notice that.

You can find turntables, (phono) amplifiers, CD players, audio furniture, clean power, acoustic improvement, cabling and many other special accessories.

Your wish is a challenge to me. Everyone has their own taste; one wants to sit in the front row, the other prefers to experience the music in the middle of the hall and the other wants to experience it from the back of the hall.

You are also welcome without an appointment. There is ample and free parking in front, behind and next to our building. And the coffee is always ready.

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