New powerfilter Midgard

New powerfilter Midgard

Ludic welcomes another power filter to the Ludic Power Filter Series family, we call it the Midgard and is your key to a clean grid, and can generate smooth voltage and current.

A clean and efficient power system normally generates a stable current waveform, but the modern electric equipment used in today’s equipment benefits us with greater convenience as well as cost savings from higher production efficiency, but this generates also some power problems, think not only about your audio equipment but also computers, led lights and your house, all connected on the same group.

However, this can also bring significant wave currents and unbalanced loads, distortion, reactive power impact, that tend to cause power quality problems in our home power systems, Ludic Midgard gives you the power improvement, with filter noise reduction , leakage Protection, and lightning protection, and It also adopts an overload protection, the Ludic Midgard is a great solution to get rid off harmonic distortion, voltage and current distortion.

The Midgard is compact in design, durable and provides a flexible installation method for users to efficiently manage their space, we use therefore 4 power sockets in Midgard, the power filter is also mounted with an easy to read red-color display to monitor the current load on the Midgard. Midgard use a big on/off led power button that is easy to use with big or small fingers for an instant on/off solution.

Improve your power quality at home with the Ludic Midgard Power Filter.

Retailprice € 119,-


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