ATLA new loudspeaker cable…

ATLA new loudspeaker cable…

Ludic audio presents our Atla loudspeaker cable:

2x 2.5mm2 twisted strands of 99.998% pure copper

We know you are probably not impressed by our loudspeaker cable name, and we also know that there are a lot of cables out there, but you’ve probably noticed that most good cables are very, very expensive.

When you start using the word “affordable” the choices get really thin, especially when you also use the words “really good“.

The Ludic Atla is nothing less than a really good design of what a good affordable loudspeaker cable should be.

So why is Atla special?
Atla is special because it was developed for a single purpose: to provide the customer value for his money and give great performance, period.

The 2x 2.5mm2 twisted strands of 99.998% pure copper cable and connectors provide a very low resistance so you dont waste your amplifier power.
Atlas has a Polyethylene insulation which then is wrapped in a nice beautiful cotton sleeve, and besides that it is still very flexible, we know it will be a great option out there.

So here’s our ultra-high-end loudspeaker cable Atla, without the ultra-high-end price.

This loudspeaker cable is very open, has a natural uncoloured sound, fast and detailed without being aggressive, The micro-detail and 3D ‘sound-stage is impressive – and a very low noise floor.

Now cut the crap, let’s stop this high end nonsense.

We at Ludic provide fun, affordable audio products.
“affordable,” means “the price tag must not be ridiculously high, so in short, we design products that are efficient to make and perform like the expensive brands.

and is the Ludic Atla also suitable for big loudspeakers? yes it is!

We do think you’ll find Atla a wise choice in a system that is needing a very good loudspeaker cable, and then why pay too much ?

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