Silenos Hybrid Carbon speaker cable

Silenos Hybrid Carbon speaker cable

LUDIC Silenos Loudspeaker Cable by Physis – rewriting the physics of information.

In collaboration with Physis, Ludic designed an exceptional and elegant cable, the Silenos.

Music transformation is possible if a constructor capable of enacting that transformation exists, Ludic uses for this pure OFC copper as the main conductor and around the copper cable conductors there is a layer of carbon which has been established after various tests for the best composition.

This layer gets a special treatment from Physis, a purveyor of research in improving sound quality, and this treatment has a structural effect on the information which is not possible with any other cables. Period!

The jacket of the Silenos cable is also free from contamination which has a negative effect on the cable and its operation. Try it for yourself, we don’t have to convince you, you have to do it for yourself, and believe your ears!

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