Yes for sure, we are always looking for more salespoints. Please contact us and we can check if you can act as dealer or distributor in your country.
First you need to become an approved reseller and after that you will receive your own online account to log-in and you can place your orders online. For Dealers outside Europe at this moment orders will go through email and please contact us.
If I buy a product from a non-listed dealer is this covered under warranty? A warranty is always between seller and consumer. We only you advise you to buy only products from an official reseller so in case there is an issue it will be covered the proper way.
For now just contact us through our contactpage and tell us where you are located so we will gladly refer you to a Ludic dealer. If there is no dealer nearby we will see if we can help you with the lowest price for shipping.
In case you are interested in being a reseller for Ludic in your store or webshop, than please contact us through our contactpage and send your details and in what kind of products you are interested in. You will receive an answer within 2 workdays to see if there is a possibility to work with each other.