Stock for products

Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price. What is the expected stock date? well there is simply no stock at the moment but we expect new stock at the date mentioned. It’s not  a hard date you can derive rights from. If its possible to place an order you confirm the fact that there is no stock at the moment and it’s possible the expected date for stock will be later than expected. For new launched products, there are a lot of customers that want to place a pre-order, so this date is certainly a rough estimate, which can take a few weeks longer. In case you have placed an order and decide it takes too long, just ask for a refund any time and we refund your order without any cost offcourse. Or be certain and just wait until there is stock mentioned on the website, that is very easy. Also the expected shipping dates for stocked products are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay for 1-2 days when it’s very busy.